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Tricolorii Veseli Juniori

“Tricolorii Veseli Juniori”, the team of children ranging from 9 to 18 years old, wished to be the younger version of the adult amateurs who started the tradition of Romanian folk dances on the Festival’s stage.

“Romanian Food Festival”, Colleyville, Texas – what could be more wonderful than having the opportunity, even if once a year and only for a weekend, to show the new community that we belong to who we are and where we come from… To share with you the unique taste of cabbage rolls and savory Romanian sausages, of pastries right from mama’s kitchen, of traditional costumes and folk dances of the native land!


Speaking of traditional costumes and folk Romanian dance, these were brought with much love and confidence, fifteen years ago, by the team of adult amateurs of the Tricolorii Veseli.

Eleven years ago, at the initiative of the Parish Priest, a newcomer with a desire to perpetuate the Romanian tradition, the teams of dancing children were born!


Every year, dancers participate in rehearsals with great dedication and patience to prepare their folk dances from different regions of Romania.

I am convinced like every time, their program is eagerly awaited with many applause! It is a reward for their hard work, the efforts of parents and grandparents that bring them to rehearsals, and the instructor’s joy for the success of the team.

I thank the Lord for the twelfth years of joy from the “Tricolorii Veseli Juniori” family, thank you to those who have given me the opportunity to work with these children all these years, and last but not least, thank you to all the dancers – elementary, middle or high school students, students in college or already graduates, and even those who have already established a family with children, for all the joy and wonderful moments we have lived together.

I invite you with great love to enjoy the performances of “Tricolorii Veseli Juniori” and the Romanian spirit at the 16th Edition of the “Romanian Food Festival”, which is less than one week away!

God Bless!

Stefan Mitranca

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