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Alunelul Dance Group

Alunelul Dance Group was created twelve years ago out of the desire to promote the Romanian culture and keep it alive in the minds and souls of younger generations of Romanian children in the USA.

"I started this group when my own children were four years old because I wanted them to know, and never forget, their ethnic heritage. What better way to do it than through the Romanian folk dances?


You may wonder why I picked the name Alunelul? Alunelul is the simplest Romanian folk dance that children learn in kindergarten to become acquainted with traditional folkloric rhythms and dance. Today, the first generation of dancers from the Alunelul Group are part of another group called Tricolorii Veseli Juniori. Some are grown and in college and return every year to Colleyville, Texas during the Romanian Festival just to dance. Such passion and dedication to keep their ethnic heritage alive make me think that their work, along with my passion and their parents' efforts, bear rewarding in time.


You do not have to be a dance teacher; you have to have the desire to learn and know everything that your birthplace meant to you.


I do not have any formal dance training, rather I learned how to dance from my colleagues in high school and college, who were from different regions of Romania.


I grew up in a family where my mom was a Romanian language teacher and my dad was a veterinarian, but their love of signing left a mark on me.


We hope 2022 is a new beginning. The young dancers in the group are so little and precious! They range from three years old to five years old. Come to our yearly festival to see how good we are!!!!"




Oana Lepadatu

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